Open multiple web pages at once

Enter web addresses (URLs) in the area below. Precede each address with http:// or https://. Separate the addresses with a new line or a space.

In order for this service to work, you may need to allow pop-up windows in your browser for this website. See how.

* Please note that opening too many pages at once may cause your browser to freeze for a few seconds.


Why do I need this service?

There are countless scenarios where you may find this service useful. You may be an office worker who needs to open multiple web pages at the beginning of the work day. Or, if you are an SEO specialist, you may need to check a lot of web pages. Whatever the case is, using this service is a lot more convenient than opening browser tabs manually and pasting URLs in the address bar one by one.

How many web pages can I open at once?

We don't set any limitation on the number of web pages that can be opened at once. However, this number largely depends on the capabilities of your computer. If you try to open too many web pages, your browser may freeze or even crash. As a safe estimate, you can start with 10 web pages and move up from there.

Do you track the web pages that I open?

Absolutely not! Your privacy is of ultimate importance to us. All the web pages that you submit to open are processed on the fly in your browser, without leaving any traces on our server. We also don't use any cookies or other means of tracking your personal information.


Only the first page is opened! What should I do?

Most likely, you need to allow pop-up windows in your browser for this website ( For example, in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the web pages than you need to open and click Open pages. Only the first page is opened.
  2. Go back to the previous tab ( and click the icon on the right of the address bar. It should have the message saying that pop-ups were blocked.
  3. Choose the option Always allow pop-ups and redirects from and click Done.